At the time India attained Independence, publishing and bookselling stood confronted with complex problems peculiar to any developing industry. Some far-sighted and public-spirited individuals like late Shri Sital H. Primlani in the book industry felt that despite existence of local associations in several parts of the country, time had come for setting-up an all India platform for taking concerted action to cope with the growing needs of this vital industry. This was the genesis of an important publishers and booksellers conference held in Delhi in January 1953, which paved the way for the setting up of Federation of Publishers’ & Booksellers’ Associations in India. The Federation was at first registered under the Companies Act, 1955 and was later registered as a Society under the Societies Act in 1969 – 1970.


Right from its inception, the Federation has maintained its federal character with affiliation of Regional Associations from various States in the country. Membership of the Federation is open to publishers, wholesalers, booksellers, distributors, companies and corporations whose business activities are concerned with production and promotion of books. The Federation also readily accepts as associate members persons or firms both national and international, whom the Executive Committee of the Federation finds capable of furthering its aims and objects. Through the years, the Federation has attained a truly representative character to speak on behalf of the Indian Book Industry. The Federation is the largest representative body of the Indian Book Industry. The activities and areas of operations of the Federation extend all over the country. It has a membership of around 830 establishments including 10 State Associations of Publishers, spread all over the country, and works in close cooperation with State Associations and Booksellers affiliated to it, who have been a source of strength and inspiration to it.



The Federation as an apex body recognizes its role in ensuring the development of publishing in English, Hindi and all other Indian languages. It provides forum for various segments of book industry in the country to discuss their problems at national and international levels and looks after the interests of its members by taking active part in all meetings with the Government and concerned professional bodies.
With the view to promote and upgrade publishing and book distribution, the Federation organizes training courses, workshops, seminars, etc., from time to time. It also takes up with concerned authorities matters of common interest pertaining to the book trade like paper prices, tax provisions, import and export regulations, copyright laws, anti-piracy measures, nationalization of text books, online/e-tailing/excessive discount related matters, etc.

The Federation’s advice, cooperation and assistance in all matters of mutual interest has been sought, from time to time, by the Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, National Book Trust, India, Capexil and other organizations and agencies in India and abroad concerned with the book industry. To elaborate, the Federation having been recognized a National level organization of the book industry in India, its President stands included as a member of several committees formed by the Department of Secondary & Higher Education, namely National Book Promotion Council (reconstituted from time to time); reconstituted Copyright Enforcement Advisory Council, Core Group on amendments to the Copyright Act; Committee on Promotion of Reading Habits and Development of Book Publishing Industry; National Committee on Book Reading; Executive Committee on Book Reading; Review Committee constituted by Ministry of Culture, etc. The Federation is also represented at the New Delhi World Book Fair Advisory Committee headed by the Chairman, NBT, and is at times consulted by them on all important matters.



The Federation has been publishing books and other reference material on relevant subjects from time to time since its inception. These include Book Development Some Current Problems 1969, (Report of a Seminar); Directory of Indian Book Publishing Industry, FPBAI—New Delhi 1973, Dinker Trivedi (edition); The Book Publishing Manual – New Delhi 1974 – prepared by Mr. M.N. Rao, M.A.; several editions of Directory of Members, FPBAI brought out from time to time; Updated editions of E-Mail Directory of Members, FPBAI, and Copyright Manual, FPBAI. The Federation published (2004) an important volume “The Book Industry in India: Context, Challenge and Strategy” which provides a most comprehensive look at the Indian Publishing Industry. Besides, over the years, the Federation has been bringing out FPBAI Newsletter periodically – which greatly helps in giving publicity to the activities of the Federation as also provides topical information and views etc. about national and international matters of interest to our members.


It is a matter of great satisfaction that in the result of the holistic and sustained efforts made by the Federation which includes the contribution made by Newsletter which is the mouthpiece of the Federation, more and more organizations/institutes/libraries are giving importance and recognition to FPBAI/GOC norms. The membership of the Federation has also gained momentum. In the financial year 2019-20, 50 new members were added which made the total numbers of members around 830. However, the process of new enrollment is going on further.