The World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated on 23 April every year. We bring you some facts and rules about copy right, an issue that concerns our industry. In India it reminds us to respect copyright and contribute towards economic growth.

1. “WORLD BOOK and COPYRIGHT DAY-23 April 2011: Respect copyright and contribute towards India`s economic growth”.
2. The Copyright Act, 1957 projects only original expression of the ideas subsists in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematograph film and sound recordings. Computer programme and computer databases are also protected as literary works under the Indian law.
3. The author of a copyrighted work, being the owner, enjoys certain exclusive economic rights with respect to his or her works. These include right to reproduce, to publish, to adapt, to translate and to communicate or perform in public. The owner can also assign, license or bequeath the copyright to another party if he wishes so.
4. Copyright infringement occurs when any person does any of the above mentioned activities with respect to a copyrighted work without a license. It leads to economic loss to the owners of copyright. Besides economic loss, it also adversely affects creativity.
5. Some of the common acts of infringement (Piracy) of copyrighted works are illegal uploading or downloading of music/films, including literary works on internet , sale of infringing copies of DVDs (films), computer software and books and infringement of broadcast signals in unauthorized manner.
6. Infringement of copyrighted works is not only harmful to the growth and development of creative industries such as film, music, broadcasting, book publishing including computer software and but also contribution of these industries to GDP of the country.
7. Infringement of copyright is criminal offence punishable under the Copyright Act, and the police are empowered to take necessary action. Any person who knowingly infringes or abets the infringement of the copyright in a work shall be punishable with a minimum imprisonment of six months to maximum three years and with a fine of minimum fifty thousands and a maximum of two lakhs rupees.
8. You can report copyright violation of book, music, video, film (CD/DVD) to nearby police station. By purchasing and using genuine copies of the work, you are respecting copyright and thereby protecting the economic interest of the creator of the work and the industry that invested money in making it available to the public. This will discourage illegal making and distribution of works without rewarding the actual creators of the work. By respecting copyright you are joining hands with others to make India an economic power of the world.
9. Sensitize every one about importance of copyright and contribute towards India`s economic growth.