The Proactive role of FPBAI, to Promote Publishing Industry.

At the time India attained independence, Book Publishing Industry in India stood confronted with complex problems peculiar to any developing industry. With a view to take concerted action to cope with the growing needs of this vital industry, some far- sighted and public-spirited individuals felt that despite existence of local associations in several parts of the country, time had come to set-up an all India platform. This was the genesis of an important publishers and booksellers conference held in Delhi in January 1953, which paved the way for setting up of the Federation of Publishers’ & Booksellers’ Associations in India (FPBAI). The Federation was at first registered under the Companies Act, 1913 and was later at Bombay which was subsequently transferred to Delhi, under Section 13(5) of the Companies Act, 2013. Right from its inception, the Federation has maintained its federal character with affiliation of Regional Associations from various States in the country. Membership of the Federation is open to publishers, wholesalers, booksellers, distributors, companies and corporations whose business activities are concerned with production and promotion of books. The Federation also readily accepts as associate members, persons or firms from all parts of the country, whom the Executive Committee of the Federation finds capable of furthering its aims and objects. Through the years, the Federation has attained a truly representative character to speak on behalf of the Indian Book Industry. The Federation of Publishers’ & Booksellers’ Associations in India (FPBAI), is the oldest and the largest representative body of publishers, booksellers, wholesalers publishers’ representatives, etc. in the country and has been at the forefront of promoting books in India and abroad. It has a membership of around 950 establishments spread all over the country. As the apex body of the book industry, the Federation recognizes its role in ensuring the development of publishing books in English, Hindi and all other Indian languages. It provides a forum for various segments of the industry in the country to discuss their problems at the national and international levels and looks after the interests of its members by taking an active part in meetings etc. with the government and other professional bodies. With a view to promote and upgrade publishing and book distribution, the Federation organizes training courses, workshops, seminars, etc; from time to time. It also takes up with authorities concerned matters of common interest pertaining to the book publishing and trade such as paper prices, tax provisions, import and export regulations, copyright laws, anti-piracy measures, etc. The Federation looks forward to undertaking suitable programmes etc; to further promote book publishing, book reading as also education in the country.

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