1. Works must be original.
2. Put a copyright notice in the form on the work.
3.Execute a commercial arrangement with the owner of the copyright for assignment of copyright as per Section 19 of the Copyright Act, 1957.
4. Include the clause in the agreement that the liability for infringement of copyright in any manner will be that of Author.
5. Although copyright registration is not compulsory but it is good to obtain registration as it can be produced as a concrete piece of evidence in a Court and same is useful to check infringement of copyright.
6. Report the matter to association of trade, in case of piracy or infringement of copyright for taking up the matter in arbitration, if possible.
7. Register a complaint to police immediately in case of infringement.
8. File either a civil suit or criminal complaint as per the situation in case of violation of your copyright.
9. Develop a standard form for obtaining permission to reproduce a drawing or any other material from another book.

10. Last but not the least, consult a legal expert in the field to determine the merits of your case.


1. Works should not have been copied from elsewhere.
2. Don’t sell any book by making photocopies of it or publish a book by copying substantial extracts or pictures from such book, which violates the copyright of some one.
3. Don’t publish any work without getting licence for use from owner of the copyright.
4. Don’t copy anything slarishly from a book without taking due permission from the holder of copyright of the said book because that will amount to “unfair use”.
5. Don’t download blindly just about anything from the internet as the same may amount to violation of copyright.
6. Don’t presume that unregistered copyright is of no value, because the registration is not necessary as the right comes to existence the moment the work has been created.
7. Don’t act silly or in haste without informing the police (which now have a special cell to delete this kind of crime in every major city) in cases of piracy etc.
8. Don’t conceal anything minor either while registering a criminal complaint or while filing civil suit which may prove very harmful at a later stage.
9. Don’t hesitate to take the help of a legal expert at the hour of dire need, because the technical aspect of law relating to copyright is difficult to be understood by a person on his own.

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