Chairperson of Sub-committee 2022-2023

1. Finance & Award Committee

Chairman: Mr. Pradeep Arora (M/s. Universal Book Traders, New Delhi)

2. Journals & Periodicals Subscription Committee

Chairman: Manu Bharadwaj (M/s. Rhino International Agencies, Mumbai)
Co-Chairman: Mr. Rajiv Kumar Mishra (M/s. Total I.T. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi)

3. Export Committee

Chairman: Mr. Sunil Sachdev (M/s. Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi)

4. Legal, Anti-Piracy & Copyright Committee

Chairman: Dr. Manish Arora (M/s. Law & Justice Publishing Co; New Delhi)

5. Membership, Subscription & Screening Committee

Chairman: Mr. Arunjit Singh (M/s. Panima Educational Book Agency, Delhi)

6. Bookselling & Library Supply Committee

Chairman: Mr. Vinod Kapoor (M/s. Bharatiya Sahitya Bhavana, New Delhi)

7. Seminar Committee

Chairman: Mr. S.K. Ghai (M/s. Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Greater Noida)

8. PR and Media Committee

Chairman: Mr. KPR Nair (M/s. Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Delhi)
Co-Chairman: Mr. Prashant Jain (M/s. Indica Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Delhi)

9. IT Committee

Chairman: Mr. Anupam Vij (M/s. Peepee Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd, New Delhi)
Co-Chairman: Mr. Ravi Sethi (M/s. Empty Canvas, New Delhi)

10. Import Committee

Chairman: Mr. Ravi Ahuja (M/s. Shankar’s Book Agency Pvt. Ltd; New Delhi)

11. E-Commerce Committee

Chairman: Mr. Manas Saikia (M/s. Feel Books Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi)
Co-Chairman: Mr. S. Seshadri (M/s. Overleaf Books LLP, Gurugram)

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